Gems of Parenting Advice

We recently enjoyed having a panel of special guest speakers come to answer questions and give advice based on the content we had discussed in our Parenting on Purpose class. Each panel guest was from varying ages and backgrounds and shared their wisdom on parenting young children.  Below are a few gems that were shared during the session.

  • Keep the big picture the big picture
  • Don’t punish a child for being a child
  • Be able to laugh
  • Be a student of your child, take time to understand and figure them out
  • All children are different
  • Don’t let children divide you as a husband and wife
  • Don’t just treat your marital relationship like a business arrangements (dividing chores)
  • Establish date nights and alone time early on (husbands take the lead)
  • Stay involved in each others’ lives — try to integrate into each others’ jobs/living
  • Spend an hour together every night after the kids go to bed
  • The preschool and middle-school years are the most challenging
  • Sometimes life isn’t fair and that’s okay, love your kids through those times and don’t shoulder it yourself
  • Be slow to manipulate situations for your kids
  • God has a plan, help your kids through adversity
  • Prepare your child for the path, don’t prepare the path for your child
  • Teach your children grace
  • Love is discipline
  • Never shame or embarrass your children
  • It’s okay to be angry, but always be kind
  • Be consistent, if it is wrong it is always wrong
  • Don’t discipline out of anger, make sure the punishment fits the crime
  • Don’t scar a child’s soul by doing/saying something they will carry for the rest of their lives

LinkedIn and the Importance of Networking


Growing your network is a key to success and upward mobility in the professional environment. All relationships start with a first impression and one of the easiest and most popular ways to control that first impression to others is with a well-crafted LinkedIn profile.

Did you know that use of LinkedIn as the primary professional network are on the rise? This means that more and more of your clients, prospects, and professional peers are taking the time to find out more about you and your background on LinkedIn. Almost all of us have a LinkedIn account, but what have you chosen to have it say about you? Does your current profile portray the best you and show off all that you have to offer?
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Graphic Design Links 2014

I am a huge fan of bookmarks but instead of keeping all these great linked stashed away in my bookmarks list, I’ve decided to make a curated list of the helpful graphic design sites I use and update it once a year. While on the topic, I highly recommend you check out xmarks ( bookmark sync service to help you manage your bookmarks as well. On with the list, and let me know about any additional sources you like in the comments.


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Cleaning out my bookmarks

I was recently cleaning out some old bookmarks and came across some hidden gems I haven’t used in a long time but wanted to jot down before clearing them out.

Great Chrome Extension – The Great Suspender

Here is a cool extension for Chrome. It will essentially “pause” tabs that you arenot using. You can manually freeze a tab or set a time period that will make unused tabs auto freeze to take up less memory and resources for tabs you are not using.

Unload, park, suspend tabs to reduce memory footprint of chrome.

Check it out at



Navigate to the extension directory
%userprofile%\appdata\local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\klbibkeccnjlkjkiokjodocebajanakg\4.52_0

Open the popup.css file and under body change:
margin: 1px;
margin: 3px;

One Word 2012

We had a great alumni devo last night and watched this clip.

After, we were challenged to come up with one (and only one) word that summarized our hope, challenge, resolution, improvement, or theme for 2012. RENEW!