How to create a URL to a SharePoint alert

Sometimes it is nice to be able to create a button or direct hyperlink to direct users to create an alert on a list. Here is the easiest way that I have found to do it.

The formula = (site url) + “_layouts/SubNew.aspx?List=” + (list GUID)

And here is the breakdown.

  1. Site url is the path to your site (example: http://intranet/sites/training)
  2. Code for new alert is exactly “_layouts/SubNew.aspx?List=”
  3.  List GUID is the unique ID for your list. The easiest way to find it is to go to the library settings of the list you want to great the alert on then copy the URL for the “Advanced settings” and you will see that in the url there is a string after “List=”. This is the GUID you need (example: %7B76B645BF%2D1C33%2D43AC%2D827F%2D000394333F71%7D)
  4. Now you just put those three items together and you have your direct URL.

Finished example is http://intranet/sites/Training/_layouts/SubNew.aspx?List=%7BE7735F69%2D5542%2D4B8F%2D9426%2DD7757EAFABD9%7D

If you want to get fancy you can also specify the page the user is redirected to after clicking the OK or Cancel button on the alert page by adding “&Source=” followed by a url to the end for the hyperlink.

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Messiah Lacrosse in the Record Books

A while ago I came across the official NCAA record book for men’s lacrosse and was surprised such a thing even existed! After looking through some of the D3 records I was very proud how many records are currently held by Messiah College. With all the great traditional programs in D3 lacrosse I expected all the records to be dominated by previous national championship contenders but this just shows how much great talent Messiah has had as a program.

If you’ve never seen any of the highlights from Messiah Men’s lacrosse, check them out here.

NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Division III Records Through 2013

View full PDF at

    • Jono Linebaugh, Messiah | 5.41 PPG
    • Jason Weisenborn, Messiah | 5.40 PPG
    • Jono Linebaugh, Messiah | 319 Points
    • Jason Weisenborn, Messiah | 313 Points
    • Connor Pett, Messiah | 3.59 GPG
    • Jason Weisenborn, Messiah | 3.47 GPG
    • Jason Weisenborn, Messiah | 201 Goals
    • Jono Linebaugh, Messiah | 2.64 APG
    • Jono Linebaugh, Messiah | 156 Assists
    • Justin Moe, Messiah | 17.90 SPG
    • Kevin Dennstaedt, Messiah vs. Scranton (4/11/01) | 00:06
    • Matt Fink, Wash. & Lee | Reed Horanburg, Messiah (5/15/01) | 00:05
  • Team Single-Game Leaders | POINTS
    • Messiah vs Kings (4/24/99) | 52 Points
  • Team Single-Game Leaders | SAVES
    • Messiah vs RIT | 31 Saves
    • Messiah (3/29/06-4/26/08) | 26
  • Annual Team Champions | Scoring Defense
    • Messiah (2005) | 5.75 GPG
  • Team Miscellaneous Leaders | LARGEST MARGIN OF VICTORY
    • Messiah vs Kings (4/24/99) | 28 Margin


Where to find amazing free photos


This is something I only discovered myself recently. It’s so good I had to share it.

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Stock photos. They ain’t cheap! Especially if you have an already limited marketing budget. But thanks to this post by Medium writer Dustin Senos, I discovered a new world of high quality, free photos that can be used any way you want.

In his post, Dustin provides a list of links to 15 or so free stock photo sites. To make it even easier for you to find great images, I’ve picked my favourite six sites from Dustin’s list and have written a bit about each one.

Full list

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Podcast Playlist (April 2014)

Over the past few years I have become a self-proclaimed “Podcast Nerd” that really enjoys podcasts and audio books. Here are a few of my current favorites, I’d love to hear what you listen to regularly in the comments.


I also love using the Downcast iOS App for subscribing.

Graphic Design Links 2014

I am a huge fan of bookmarks but instead of keeping all these great linked stashed away in my bookmarks list, I’ve decided to make a curated list of the helpful graphic design sites I use and update it once a year. While on the topic, I highly recommend you check out xmarks ( bookmark sync service to help you manage your bookmarks as well. On with the list, and let me know about any additional sources you like in the comments.


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Cleaning out my bookmarks

I was recently cleaning out some old bookmarks and came across some hidden gems I haven’t used in a long time but wanted to jot down before clearing them out.