Download multiple files in One Drive for Business

It’s amazing that Microsoft doesn’t yet have an easy way to download multiple files or folders from One Drive, but here is the best solution currently available.


Guys, there is a solution to the problem to download multiples files and/or folders from OneDrive for Business. I stumbled on it in another forum after reading through this one. You have to use Internet Explorer (not Edge, FF, Chrome, etc) Once you have logged into your OneDrive for Biz web page, look on the bottom left corner. There should be a link to “Switch to Classic View” there. Once you are back in Classic View, click the gear at the top right corner. Turn the Ribbon “On”, it’s the first option. Once the Ribbon is on, click “Library” and then “Open with Explorer”. This will launch your OneDrive for Biz share in a native Windows Explorer window. Obviously, from there, the possibilities to manipulate files and folders are endless. Not a seamless solution, but being able to open OneDrive for Biz in Explorer is also an awesome option, no client necessary. Hope this helps!

  1. Launch Internet Explorer

  2. Go to Settings and Turn On the Ribbon:

  3. Click “Library” and then “Open with Explorer”


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