How to expand the blog editor window in SharePoint

A challenge that I was constantly having with SharePoint was being limited to the very small size of the blog content editor windows in SharePoint 2010. I came across this article that gives quick and easy instructions on how to disable the new item editor as a pop-up and to have it open in it’s own page — giving you a much larger editor window. Full repost is below, thanks Veronique.


Deactivate the New Item Pop Up Window in SharePoint 2010

Does this pop up menu irritate you in your lists when you click Add New Item? Especially because you can’t send the link for people to fill in a form. You would need to edit the link and replace allitems.asp with newform.aspx first.


It’s super easy to deactivate that. Click on List on the ribbon, List Settings and Advanced Settings.  Right at the bottom is Dialogs – simply change that setting to No.


Then when you click Add New Item again in your list – voila! Now it’s easy to send out the link and ask people to fill in your form.



How to change, resize, or expand the new blog editor window in SharePoint.


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