Risky Business: Navigating the Legal Aspects of Social Media in the Workplace

Risky-Bus-wide-300x168A few weeks ago I was able to take part in a webinar that addressed the legal aspects of social media in the workplace. During the webinar had the pleasure of meeting Todd Shill, an employment law specialist, who was able to provide some excellent content and context to our discussion. From spending even a few hours with Todd you can tell that he is extremely familiar with the technology side of employment law, which has traditionally been a grey area for most businesses due to the rapid changes, younger demographic, and relative freshness on the employment law radar.

One particularly good topic was his thoughts on “friending” co-workers and subordinates. Taking the stance that you may be legally responsible for monitoring the level of access that you have with your employees was new to me and is sure to spark a lot of good conversations. If your business has not addressed (and are frequently evaluating) internal and external social media policies, now is the time.

Full webinar recap at http://www.macpas.com/webinar-risky-business/.
“Friending” clip at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xitNWwh1VI8&feature=youtu.be&t=57m23s.


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