Netwrix Automatic Password Expiration Alert Emails for Active Directory

As part of my job as a network admin we are constantly running into the issue of users letting their passwords expire (no thanks to Windows 7’s terribly small password reminder pop up that can easily be missed). I had been looking for an automated solution that would email users a warning that their password was going to expire, hoping that it would serve as a more obtrusive reminder.

I found several complex powershell scripts that could be properly configured to tap into an email server to get this working, but I wanted something easier that would not be a pain to support. I finally came across Netwrix Auditor which has a component that does just what I had been looking for. 

Once installed on a network server, it can authenticate to Active Directory as well as to your email service (it works with Office 365 and other cloud mail providers). The service will scan AD daily and send automated emails to the users in scope. A full report can be sent to an administrator and you are able to customize the subject, body, frequency, etc. This is a great tool to have and since I started using it there have been zero expired passwords.


Sample email to users


Sample summary email for admins



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