Remembering our 5th Anniversary Cruise

As I am coming up on my 6 year wedding anniversary I was recently dreaming about the cruise we took last year for our 5th year. We had an incredible time and were able to enjoy a ton of new expereinces. I had written down some notes that I just came across that I had been meaning to flush out to help me remember how much fun we had. Hopefully these notes can help you too if you are looking to cruise the Bahamas.

New Food

Cruises are great because they are ALL YOU CAN EAT! At dinner you can order mulitple apps and entrees just to try out new things. Some of the new foods we tried were.

  • Creme brûlée
  • Alligator
  • Lobster tail
  • Strawberry bisque soup
  • Mushroom cappuccino soup
  • Cold cuts for breakfast
  • Veal
  • Shark
  • Mahi mahi
  • Jamaican curry chicken
  • Indian milk pudding

Port #1 Port Canaveral (Orlando, Florida)

At Port Canaveral we ended up getting a day pass with a bus company that will take you to several spots around the Cocoa Beach area. We took a rainy walk on the beach to the Cocoa Beach Pier, rented bikes from the Cocoa Beach Surf Company, at Lunch at the Atlantic Ocean Grille, and visited the “World Famous” Ron Jon Surf Shop. We weren’t expecting much from this stop but it ended up being one of the best days we’ve ever had together.

Port #2 Nassau (Bahamas)

The second stop was in Nassau. It was beautiful. As soon as you get off the ship it looks exactly what you would expect a town in the Caribbean to look like. We really struggled with wanted to visit Atlantis but couldn’t get over the hefty price tag. We opted for a boat trip to Blue Lagoon Island that turned out to be amazing. We were served lunch and able to relax on a gorgeous beach. It turns out this is the location where the shoot many of the Corona “Find your beach” commercials. At Blue Lagoon we took a walk all around the island and saw many tropical fish, trained dolphins and seals, and went snorkeling. On the boat ride back from the island we got some history of Nassau and found out that many big name celebrities have vacation homes along the Nassau Harbor. Some of the homes we saw belonged to Tom cruise, Chuck Norris, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Christina Agilerua, and Oprah even has two (one just for guests, ridiculous!). This was the best looking stop of the trip and I would HIGHLY recommend this excursion.

Port #3 Freeport (Bahamas)

The final stop was in Freeport. When you get off the ship you will immediately notice a very different look than Nassau. Freeport is more of a shipping hub and has a very industrial look (rather than a tourist/vacation feel). Here we opted for a snorkeling excursion to a spot called Deaf Man’s Reef. The snorkeling was great and we even saw an octopus in the wild! Lunch was good and we were also able to relax and try some Bahamian Brewery beer.


During the trip there were several times I found myself wishing for items I could have brought along with me. For next time…

  • Bottled water
  • Travel coffee mug
  • Nail clipper
  • Lots of qtips
  • Movies you’ve been meaning to watch
  • Pillows
  • BYOB beer or wine (yes, you can usually bring some along with you)

Wow, after that reminiscing I cannot wait to go again!


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