The HDHomeRun, A Better Tuner

When putting together a media center setup, one of the key features is the ability to DVR/PVR shows to watch later. To do this you need a tuner that interfaces to your computer. Previously, I have raved about how much I loved Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250  ($100)… but as tech changes better options are created.

Enter the HDHomeRun made by Silicon Dust. The HDHomeRun is a NETWORKED dual HD tuner. The huge advantages of having a networked tuned is that it can be used by multiple computers simultaneously and that you don’t need a computer with a spare PCI Express (PCIe) X1 slot. This means that you can now easily use a laptop or atom PC as your media center and enjoy all the benefits of having a DVR/PVR.

The HDHomeRun is easy to setup and is a dual tuner (watch/record two shows at once). Simply plug in the box to power, network, and a tv source then install the software on the computer(s) you want to be able to use the tuner and you are done!

The quality of the video is great. The only disadvantage is not having the additional inputs that come with the Hauppauge 2250 (if you want to capture a source from RCA or S-Video).

Here are some pics of the box (how awesome are the NewEgg boxes!), device, and watching live TV on a laptop and desktop (hooked up to a TV) simultaneously.


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