How to fix the Gmail App for Blackberry (needs improvement)

If you’re a Blackberry user and you use Gmail then hopefully you’ve tried the Google Gmail application for Blackberry. The current version is 2.0.5 and the app can be downloaded over the air (OTA) at ““. 

While I love pretty much all things Google, there are several major flaws with the Gmail app for blackberry. Below is a list of my thoughts on what needs to be added to get this app up to speed.

Contacts: The desktop version of Gmail keeps every email address you’ve ever sent to or received from. This is very helpful when composing email because all you need to do is start typing in the name of a contact and a search list of all your contacts is automatically generated. The Gmail Blackberry app does the same thing, but only searches your recent contacts. Not only that, but the dedicated “Contacts” feature of the Gmail app only searches the recent contacts as well. There is no way to look up a contact that is very infrequently used.

Contact Groups: Contact Groups or mailing lists that you have set up in Gmail are not accessible via the auto search function or the dedicated “Contacts” feature. There is absolutly no way to send an email to a mailing list from the Gmail app.

Attachments: You can’t attach a file to an email that you’re composing. There is absolutely no way to email someone a picture or attachment of any kind via the Blackberry Gmail client. When receiving an attachment you can view the attachment (only certain file types) but cannot download or save attachments to your phone. There is no way to save a picture or mp3 file that is sent to you.

Spell Check: There is no way to run a spell check! Spell check is now built into the Blackberry mail application but there is no way to use that spell checking function within the Gmail app. Google needs to add a spell checker.

Google has a good thing going with this app and does a nice job of frequently pushing out updates. However, without these key features it makes it very hard for a heavy emailer to rely on the Blackberry Gmail app as a primary method of using Gmail. Google is pretty much the best at everything they do, but there is definitly work to be done here.

Also, can we get a version of Chrome for the Blackberry sometime soon? Please?

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