Camping to get away from it all (skyline drive)

Last weekend we headed down to VA with the Lobach’s and Shelly to Shenandoah National Park. It’s been years since I’ve been up on Skyline Drive but I used to go there a lot with my family growing up. It was so nice to go back and get away from all the heat we’ve been having and enjoy the much crisper mountain air.

We decided to do some hiking to waterfalls while we were there, but it seems as though you always underestimate what you think will be a short leisurely walk through the woods. We were able to see a ton of deer (even a few bucks), Nikki stepped on a frog, a wild turkey climbed some rocks, and Shelly had a funny encounter with a bee while we were driving. The park ranger even gave us two strikes for getting a little out of hand!

One of the coolest parts was that one of the campsites right near us had a violin and guitar and would sit and play worship songs for a few hours each evening. We even met a Messiah student that invited us to come to a Sunday chapel at the amphitheater. The whole weekend was a great time and well worth the drive down. I love how weekend camping trips seem to last forever.

Only one more week till the beach!

pics here


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