Messiah WBBall Banquets (8 hour banquet marathon)

This past Sunday we attended the Messiah WBBall banquet and the Messiah Senior athletics banquet. We had a great tim even though it was eight straight hours of banqueting. The team did some really cool presentations and the girls got VERY creative.

At the senior banquet Nikki and Amy Reed were announced as Female Athletes of the Year. What an honor!

A super fan also took tons of pics throughout the season and gave them to the girls. You can check out the pics below (there are three different albums). I don't know exactly who took the pics but he did a fantastic job.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg

Nikki Album, Team Album, and Best Album

As I mentioned, the team had some great and creative presentations. Here is Mandy, Julie, and Kay with their MCC rap.

And here is Nikki, Amy, Lauren, and Gwen with their senior farewell song. 


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