Marriage Bliss (it's awesome)

I'm finally back and everything is calming down. Nik and I are doing great, in love, and having so much fun! Here are some pics from the Wedding and Honeymoon (Sandals White House, Jamaica). Enjoy!

0090.JPG 0127.JPG 0367.JPG

img_2227.jpg img_2253.jpg img_2332.jpg


3 thoughts on “Marriage Bliss (it's awesome)

  1. Hey Reed! I stumbled on your blog via your brother’s blog – don’t ask me how. It looks like you had a great time on your honeymoon! SANDALS ROCKS! We went through Jamaica to get to St. Lucia at the Sandals there. It was so awesome. Two words: pool bar. Amazing. Hope the newlyweds are doing well! Excited about your bro’s new job! Matt can’t say enough good things about in that position!

    Take care!

    Katie (Geshay) Hall

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