Messiah WBBall Headed to Final 4 (Holland, MI)

The team landed into Holland, MI yesterday and everyone is getting pumped up for Friday's game. Ryan, Kate, and I had our flight canceled last night, but luckily we were able to change flights and get to Chicago anyway. The forecast is lots of snow for Friday and Saturday so hopefully everyone else will be able to fly in safely. FINALLY gave Messiah some love with an article. For some reason they never have any articles or pics of Messiah…so hopefully after they win the national championship we can get some friggin articles.




One thought on “Messiah WBBall Headed to Final 4 (Holland, MI)

  1. There weren’t a lot of photos on the Messiah Web site this year, so it was tough to feature a Messiah picture earlier.

    We did, however, broadcast Messiah/Kean as our Game of the Week. I wish we could’ve done more — hopefully the new SID will get a new Web site up that has some more timely photos.

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