Ken Radio (i made the show)

One of the podcasts that I listen to regularly is KenRadio. It’s about a half hour daily show that discusses news andkenradio.jpg happening in the MET (media, entertainment, and technology). Every few weeks or so I write in with a comment and I yesterday Ken gave a little shout out to “Reed in PA”.

You can check out the show here. It’s towards the end of the show around 15:45.

I wrote in about how everyone is talking about using DoubleTwist from DVD John to remove the DRM from music purchased from iTunes. I’ve been using Tunebite for a while now to do the same thing (but from Zune subscription service) so that you can play the music on any device. You can remove all DRM from any music or video file and do file conversion as well. It should be noted that DoubleTwist is free though.

Some of my other favorite podcasts are:

CNET Buzz out Loud
G4 (Ninja Warrior, Attack of the Show, The Feed, etc.)
ESPN (PTI and Around the Horn)


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