My House

Wow, I was looking through my pictures and found all the pics that I’ve taking of the house over the past year. It really is amazing how it has transformed, and is exciting to think about how it will continue to be improved. You can check out the pics on my picasa site or here.


A HUGE thanks from Booranburg to Penno, Woody, Helman, Po, Ju, Logan, Hodgdon, next door Steve, the Lobach’s van, and Mom & Dad…and especially Nikki, for always being there for me on very late nights, hot days, and continuing to be my inspiration.


One thought on “My House

  1. Reed – how impressive…and eloquent text, too! You all have done such an amazing job in a short time – with blessings from many friends and the Lord. Keep up the great work and enjoy your home away from “home”.


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