GMail User? Get Better GMail.

I am a heavy GMail user and I remember thinking “How could GMail possibly get any better?”

Insert “Better GMail”. Better GMail is an extension that you install as part of Firefox (you do use Firefox, right). It is VERY easy to install. Once installed, simply go to Tools>Add-ons>Better GMail>Options within Firefox to customize you GMail page.

Some of the options you can change include

  • Support for embedded Google Reader
  • 4 great skins to choose from (I recommend Air Skin)
  • Attachment icons that change depending on the type of file attached
  • Customized sidebar
  • Have “mailto:” links go straight to GMail

The new skins look great (see screen shot below) and the inclusion of Google Reader is perfect.

You can get Better GMail here. The most current version is 1.0.1



One thought on “GMail User? Get Better GMail.

  1. Sweet post and great find!

    The add-on works really well. Now you can navigate to all your time wasters at work right from your gmail home page.

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