Bouncy Balls

Dear Justin (Ju Boor),

Thank you for attempting to beat the high score, but I’m afraid that you’re just an amateur trying to play on my level. Come back when you get some game.




5 thoughts on “Bouncy Balls

  1. ju says:

    PS question?? why aren’t you on the high score list hmmmm…because reed does in fact not beat bears or battlestar galactica-FALSE!!!

    PSS pretending to use someone else’s score as your own is not cool. identify theft is not a joke, reed!!

  2. ju says:

    your reign is over hornaburger, i just got…2808!!! i might fail my quiz tomorrow but never at bouncy ball!!!

    PS i have the window still opened, how do i save the screen image so i can gloat and send it to you…thaaaaaaaanks!!

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