“The Break Up”

Scene: Dinner Singing / Tone Ranger / “Owner of a Lonely Heart” by Yes


Brother: This food is outstanding.

Richard: It is delicious food.

Dad: Okay everybody; it’s time for the joke of the day.

Knock knock.

Richard: Who’s there?

Dad: Norma Lee.

Richard: Norma Lee who?

Dad: Normally I don’t go around knocking on doors, but would you like to buy an encyclopedia?

Brother: That’s a good one, I’ve got a joke for ya…

What do you get when you cross a gay Eskimo and a black guy?

Gary: Okay, I think we’ve had enough with the jokes for the night. Thank you though. Let’s just talk with each other.

Richard: You know, the way your face lights up when you describe your ambitions, it’s really inspiring, because I understand how you feel. That passion, and sharing it with other people, I think that’s what life’s about. I don’t share it about boats and squids…squibs?…I’m sorry , but I do feel it about singing. With my accapella group, the Tone Rangers!

Although it’s not as aggressive as your dream its really more of a brotherhood, it’s like a musical team, it’s like a symphony of guys, a guy symphony. It’s really hard to describe the true magic of a group of guys signing in perfect harmony, it’s transcendent! But, it’s still very real.

I guess the best way to put it in words is just ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Even that doesn’t do it…that doesn’t do it because that’s just one person, and what I’m talking about it the pulse of the collective. Okay, let me show you how its done. Okay, Dad how about a little percussion?

Tap Tap Tappy, Tap Tap Tappy, Tap Tap Tappy

Mom, high hat!

Pssssst Psst Psst, Pssssst Psst Psst, Pssssst Psst Psst, Pssssst Psst Psst

And Gary on the kick drum come come, on the kick drum, come come. That’s Gary come come with the kick drum come come. Come come with the kick drum Gary. On the kick drum come come. That’s Gary on the kick drum go. And Gary, in the house, come come come come with the kick drum. Come come.

Gary: I’m just not really a kick drum kind of guy. I’d rather be just a listener, and enjoy all the banging that he’s doing.

Richard: You know Gary that’s your prerogative. That’s your right, to listen. In the mean time, I’ve got to talk to Brooke about something…it’s called a base line, excuse me.

(Pitch pipe) Do do do do do, Do Do, Do Do (x6)

Pssssst Psst Psst, Pssssst Psst Psst, Pssssst Psst Psst, Pssssst Psst Psst

Tank tank and tank tank tank

Move yourself! You always live your life, never thinking of the future.

Prove yourself! You are the move you make, take your chances win or lose it.

Ah, see yourself! You’re every step you take. You and you, and that’s the only way.


Mom: Shake!

Richard: Shake yourself! You’re every move you make, so the story goes…


Download the script here (the-break-up.doc)




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