The Life Story of Betty Ryan

My Grandmother (Betty Ryan) celebrated her 80th birthday on 7/13/07. As a surprise, my Mom had taken a book that Betty had wrote twelve years ago and typed it up into the book that it is today.


This is the story of her life, now written down to be passed on from generation to generation. Below is an except from the dedication.

“Why? Why write about myself and my family? I’ve been wishing lately that I had asked my mother about her family and my father’s family. What was my great grandmother’s name before she married? Both grandparents were the youngest of 12 children. Where are they all? So many questions. So I’ve decided to write down what I do know – in case Ryan or Brittany, Reed or Garrett ever become curious when they are older.”

Elizabeth S. Ryan
July 27, 1995

You can download her story here in PDF format (10.4 MB).


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